10 Tried & Tested Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage Naturally

No one likes to find unnecessary broken and damaged hair on their brush. Hair breakage is a genuine issue. From your lifestyle habits to a lousy hair care regime, various factors cause hair damage. In this blog, we will share some essential tips and tricks on how to stop hair breakage naturally. 

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What Causes Hair Loss?

A number of factors contribute to this issue, such as how you style your hair, what you use on your hair, your sleep and diet pattern, and other factors. Studies reveal that too much stress and anxiety also cause inflammation, hence leading to the weakening of strands that eventually break off. In addition, other possible causes include:


Excessive use of heat through heating tools such as straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers damages the hair strands. In addition, the heat is dangerous for the cuticle, resulting in dry and frizzy hair.

2: Unhealthy Diet

Diet is a vital factor that adds to the hair’s health and growth. Hair is made up of protein and needs essential nutrients and multivitamins to replenish themselves. Not eating enough protein leads to hair weakening and hair breakage. In addition to the proteins, zinc, iron, biotic and other multivitamins are equally important. 

3: Hair treatments

Frequent use of harsh chemicals in the form of hair colors, perming, and straightening solutions also weakens the hair. 

4: Low moisture level

Inadequate moisture causes the hair strands to become weak to the point that they start breaking. It can occur due to climatic conditions, excessive heating, or not oiling your hair for long. 

5: No haircuts

Getting regular haircuts is a healthy practice as it helps cut off the split ends and eliminate damaged and dry hair. 

6: Disturbed sleep pattern

Another factor that adds to hair breakage is an irregular sleep cycle. Not getting enough sleep of 7-8 hours disturbs the body’s metabolism and hair growth. 

In addition to the causes mentioned above, other factors include rough handling of hair properly, not eating a healthy diet, and drinking enough water, which also affects hair growth. Now, let’s look at how to stop hair from falling naturally. 

10 Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage at Home

To start with hair care at home, you first need to look for the root cause of hair damage and then begin hunting for severe hair care damage treatment options. Further, here are a few tips and tricks to save your hair from further damage, as well as tips to stop hair breakage naturally.

1: Moisturize your hair

One of the primary reasons your hair is breaking off is that you are not moisturizing them well. Ensure your hair strands are not moisturizer-free and don’t feel dry. For that purpose, you can use natural hair oils and hair masks. 

Moreover, some deep conditioning hair masks made at home with egg, aloe vera, and other ingredients serve the purpose of replenishing hair strength. 

2: Scalp massage

A regular head massage improves hair texture by improving blood circulation towards the hair follicles. Try to massage your scalp twice a week with warm hair oil such as caster oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or any other that contains properties to moisturize your scalp, aiding in hair growth. 

3: Focus on healthy diet

Incorporate healthy diet ingredients such as eggs, nuts, fruits, and vegetables into your routine. Take a glass of milk daily to repel your hair strength. 

If you need to provide all essential nutrients to your hair, get your hands on the Hair Gain Supplements, specially formulated to treat your hair damage by restoring hair texture and other properties. 

4: Don’t wash your hair frequently

Keeping hair clean is necessary to keep them in good condition, but washing them frequently can cause hair breakage. Brushing your wet hair is the potential cause of hair loss.

Overwashing strips off the natural oils from your hair and leaves them as brittle strands. So, be vigilant about washing your hair to prevent unnecessary hair loss. 

5: Hair oiling

Oil helps tame the frizzy and dull hair, giving it extra strength, shine, and more manageable. Massaging the oils on your scalp improves blood circulation and provides the extra moisture that your hair needs.

6: No bleach treatments

Bleaching and other harsh chemicals strip off the hair and make it prone to breakage. It removes the natural hair pigment, dusting off natural hair gloss. Use hair colors without ammonia and other bleaching agents to cover your gray hair. Prevent unnecessary use of bleach during one color hair dye and other treatments.  

7: Choose the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo according to your hair needs is essential. In addition, it is necessary to know the correct method to use shampoo. The right way is to gently massage the shampoo on the roots instead of the hair strands. 

Furthermore, rinsing the shampoo thoroughly to avoid any of its residues staying in the hair is also essential. Make sure you use a sulfate-free shampoo that balances the pH and offers extra moisture to your hair. 

8: Dry hair naturally

One more tip to stop severe hair fall and thinning naturally is to stop using heating tools to dry your hair after a wash. Extra heat weakens the hair follicles and leads to brittleness. Dry your hair naturally without using any tools. Moreover, don’t rub your hair with a towel or any other material that can cause hair loss.

9: Stay hydrated

Well-hydrated hair is the healthy hair that everyone dreams of. Drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated. Make sure to drink at least seven glasses of water every day. It makes your hair strong and gives your skin a natural glow and shine. 

10: Use homemade hair masks

Lastly, a hydrating conditioner such as a hair mask also serves well for hair breakage treatment at home. Try to avoid chemicals and hair masks available in the market. Instead, look for the ingredients at home to target your hair issues such as dandruff, hair loss, or growth. Use that ingredient to make a hair mask and apply the mask regularly for effective results.


How do I stop my hair breakage?

Use a brush or hair comb when the hair is dry. Take proper sleep and diet. Massage the scalp with hair oils. Stay hydrated. Use multivitamins and hair supplements in your daily routine. 

How do you fix natural hair breakage?

Avoid styling hair with heat. Use moisturizer and deep conditioners to keep them hydrated. Keep your hair clean with the right shampoo, and use that shampoo the right way. 

Why do I have so many hairfalls?

Your hair may be so dry that they are prone to fall.. Or may it need some extra care, cleansing, and deep conditioning.  

What helps repair breakage hair?

Hair care supplements, a balanced diet, lots of water, enough sleep, good hair conditioning, and regular haircuts help repair the hair naturally. 

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