VivaSlim: Effortless Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Solution

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Weight loss after becoming a mother can seem next to impossible. Considering the amount of food you intake to mold your baby’s health. It’s no surprise that melting it away becomes a nightmare. Additionally, with age, the metabolism in our body weakens; therefore, no matter how much diet or exercise you do, there are never any real results. However, after stumbling upon a VivaSlim bottle, my doubts flushed down the drain. I saw myself losing almost 57 lbs of fat in under a month.

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The main ingredient that makes all the difference in the vile is Irvingia Gabonensis, an extremely rare fruit that aids in washing out toxins and stubborn fat from the body and maintaining its shape.

Mix ten drops in water three times daily and see the results.


  • Radiating a healthy and young glow
  • Dropping 2-3 dress sizes
  • Almost zero cravings for foods and snacks
  • Optimum Hair health, shining and strong locks

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