8 Reasons Why Do Your Contacts Burn (Additional Care Tips)

Do you love wearing contacts?

If you have been wearing spectacles, you will love contact because of the comfort, clarity, and colors. Putting up your contacts hardly takes a minute and can keep you trouble-free for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, wearing contacts might cause your eyes to burn. If you are experiencing this for the first time, I am sure it can be horrifying.

But what causes contacts to burn, and how can I stop it?

Well, there are many reasons behind your contacts burning, from dry eyes and dirty contacts to allergies and poor fitting. Let’s explore them in detail.

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8 Potential Causes of Contact Burning

If you are wondering what causes your eyes to burn after putting in the contacts, here are the culprits you might be looking for.

1- Poor Fitted Contacts

Just like your shoes and clothes, your contacts must be the right size. Any contact size problem might be why you feel a burning sensation in your eyes.

If your contacts’ diameter, thickness, and curvature differ from your requirements, your contacts might hurt your eyes. Other than burning, having the wrong size contacts can result in itching, redness, and eye infection.

2- Contamination

Contact contamination is a common phenomenon. Use of contacts for a longer time and poor cleaning can lead to the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of your contacts.

Contact contamination is common, and worn contact lenses can harbor harmful bacteria. So, if you mishandle your contacts and they become contaminated, you are more likely to suffer from burning eyes.

3- Dirty Lens Solution

Reusable contact lenses are a favorable option for many because of their sustainability. You have to place the lenses you use in the solution to keep them free from damage.

However, sometimes, the solution you use to keep your lens can cause burning in your eyes. The dirt, bacteria, or other irritants placed on your lenses can contaminate the solution, which makes it unable to stop the growth.

So, choose a good cleaning solution and keep your contact case clean. Also, don’t forget to change your solution after a few months, as it tends to lose its cleaning ability.

4- Mishandling of Contacts

Still haven’t found why your contacts are burning in your eyes?

Mishandling of the contact can be your reason. Wearing your contact is simple but needs precautions.

You should wash your hands and dry them. However, if you don’t wash your hands properly, these contaminants move to the contact surface, causing itching or burning.

Immediately remove your lens, rinse your eyes with plain water, and clean your lenses using the cleaning solution.

5- Allergies

Burning of the eyes after wearing lenses is not normal. One of the common reasons behind this can be eye allergies.

Eye allergies are quite common and range from seasonal allergies to contact allergies. If you have been affected by any allergies, you should avoid wearing contacts.

But if you wear contacts without having any prior symptoms of eye allergies, it might cause the signs to appear. Burning is among these, alongside irritation, redness, watery eyes, and more.
So, keep your eyes on the warning signs, especially if seasonal allergies exist.

6- Dry Eyes

Whether you are wearing contacts for color change or vision correction, it will produce a burning sensation if your eyes are dry.

Yes, your eyes can get dry too!

Too much screen use, medical conditions, allergies, contacts, and eye procedures can dry your eyes. If you wear contacts in routine, it can also cause dryness in your eyes.

Dry eyes can be quite annoying as they burn and feel itchy. So, practice regular blinking, keep yourself hydrated, and add artificial tear drops to keep your eyes hydrated.

7- Eyelid Inflammation

Another possible reason behind eyes burning upon wearing contacts is eyelid inflammation. Eyelid inflammation can be due to many reasons and can have different symptoms.

From scaly eyelids and water discharge from eyes to itching and burning, it can cause various problems. You might worsen your symptoms if you suffer from eyelid inflammation and wear contacts.

8- Sun Damage to Eyes

If you are still wondering what causes your eyes to hurt when you put on lenses, you might not have thought about the sun damage. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can cause damage to your eyes.

Your eyeballs can start itching or burning when you place contact lenses over them. So, protect your eyes from sun damage while you go out, especially when your contacts are on.

Additional Tips if You Love Wearing Contacts

Most people love wearing contacts for different reasons. But remember that if you keep them longer, you experience side effects like eyes burning, itching, water discharge, and more. However, here are additional tips to care for your eyes while wearing lenses.

Don’t put your contact lenses on for longer than the recommended time.

  1. Always take off your lenses before sleeping.
  2. Wear your lens before applying your makeup.
  3. Regularly clean your lens.
  4. Change your cleaning solution from time to time.
  5. Please don’t use your contact lenses longer than their recommended time.
  6. Choose a good doctor based on the selection of your contacts.
  7. Always keep your eyes on the warning signs.

Other reasons can cause your eyes to burn when you wear lenses. When you feel a burning sensation, remove your contacts and wash your eyes in the morning or during the day.

If the burning sensation continues, then make sure to visit your doctor and get a complete eye checkup.

What do you think?

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